Text to Speech Technology Attracting Video Content Creators


Date & time Mar 20
Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India
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Text to Speech Technology Attracting Video Content Creators


Are you finding a way to create voiceovers for your video, but can't spend excessive money?

Then, here is a quick and cost-saving solution to fix your problem.

Now you can create studio-quality voiceovers without even investing a single penny.

Come, lets' know-how...

You can enjoy these easy solutions on an AI-based text to speech online  platform- Speechmax.

Speechmax is a text to speech free online tool that converts Hindi written texts into human-like voices.

The voices are so real that it becomes difficult for the listeners to identify whether the voices are of any human or computer-generated.

Video content creators are loving this text to voice converter and earning millions of views through its brilliant time-saving and cost-saving technology.

Unlike any other speech synthesizer platform, Speechmax provides quite an instant mp3 audio file with easy steps. Kow how to generate synthesized voice and place voiceovers.


1.    Type or paste the Hindi text with proper punctuation marks to clarify pauses.

2.    You choose desired voice-male or female.

3.    Now select a narrative style- happy, sad, excited, or angry. This gives a mood to your audio and makes it sound more realistic and human-like.

4.    Click on the button 'Create Audio' to preview the generated audio.

5.    Now, click on the ‘download mp3’ button to download the mp3 audio file.

6.    Place it: Now edit your video to cut-short the duration and bring out the meaning. Now place the mp3 file syncing to your video content and export the video.

Your video is ready to be uploaded on multiple video-sharing platforms like YouTube. Now you're all set to earn money with studio-quality voiceovers.

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