Awake Dating is the place to meet someone who shares your ‘socially inconvenient’ understandings.

Awake Dating was founded by the Fidden family to provide those with ‘socially inconvenient’ understandings and awareness, the opportunity to meet at a platform just for them. For the awake, by the awake.

Why Awake dating

We found that our personal research led us to conclusions that often left us feeling alienated to our family, friends and colleagues- who saw the world solely via the mainstream narrative.

And upon the realisation that we are so lucky to have each other with whom to share this ‘reality’, we surmised it must be a right pain for single awake individuals across the world- if for us even finding friends to communicate honestly with was difficult.

So Awake Dating and Awake Social were born.

Awake Dating to provide a ‘safe space’ free of knee jerk reactions, and populated by interesting individuals of open minds and critical thinking. For people to meet someone who ‘gets’ them.

And Awake Social for anyone- individuals, couples, organisations and families like ours- to network, trade goods and services without currency, and bring change through groups and events.

We are not alone. There are millions more waking up, and we are building social sites to give us all a place to come together and face the truth.

We launched Awake Dating 13th April 2016, and have grown by over 10,000 active members since-and there have been some lovely couples meet through our portal in this short time. Great karma-good people.

Join now and meet someone you ‘resonate’ with.


The WAM Family