We at Wide Awake Media approach advertising a little differently.

We offer our advertisers a unique opportunity to address the market needs of a growing market- the awake (however we individually define that), with millions across the world now 'waking up' and seeking new lifestyle options- our market really are the early adopters and market influencers of tomorrow. Many of our Members and new users hold graduate+ level education, whilst a large proportion are also SME owners.

Our market is interested in natural health, spirituality and lifestyle, prepping, alternate energy, sports of all kinds, and holistic products and practices of all descriptions.

Awake Dating presently offers 300,000 impressions opportunities per month , and are building on our 100,000 monthly impressions on Awake Social (www.awake.social) Our market is worldwide; in saying that the USA accounts for 78% of our traffic, with the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, France and Germany following. But as new articles are published in other languages, we oft see huge surges from these markets. Screenshots of Analytics and the like available upon request.

If your advertisement meets our Ethics Policy- ie the product must be of real benefit to our Members, then you will gain access to your own advertising console.

While we won't follow our members web wide -stalking them with cookies, nor allow any identification of our Members, your Awake Advertising Console can control your ads and content, customize your audience based on numerous demographics- as one can in AdWords-and monitor your success by demographic or with various refinements. Want single women in Florida to see your ad?- Sure! All of the UK-? No problem. Single guys who play squash in Lyon? If you say so.. No, but seriously, you can!

Join via the menu at the bottom of page, and once you are approved you can roll-out and monitor your campaign-to give the right people the right information.

From text ads, to banners of all sizes- we have site wide opportunities now- on both Awake Dating and Awake Social.

Join as an advertiser, and access the console and available packages- you will be surprised how affordable we are.

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